Character Education Advisor

A Headteachers advice on helping children develop good character…

Links     The Dutch Virtues Project css8308HetDeugdenspel2014

Character Education            BBC Interview        Link  for digital character app The Trousers of Truthfulness and home page for character champion The Cowboy Teddy     An inspiring initiative…Scotland is leading the way!  A scrapbook of useful resources to help you teach virtues!

Kehelland School   Please have a look at how a UK based primary school has embeded virtues into it’s daily life and routines.

The Virtues Project   The Virtues Project is a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. The Project is sparking a global revolution of kindness, justice, and integrity in more than 95 countries through its facilitators and Virtues Connections.  The Virtues Project was founded in Canada in 1991 by Linda Kavelin Popov, Dr. Dan Popov and John Kavelin. It was honored by the United Nations during the International Year of the Family as a “model global program for families of all cultures”.    An independent publisher of character stories for young children.


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