Character Education Advisor

A Headteachers advice on helping children develop good character…

About Geoff

?????????????????? Geoff Smith has championed character education since 1992 and has enormous experience in delivering within schools as well as contributing to policy/resources nationally in this field.
• 1992 – Introduced character education to Ludgvan School, Cornwall.
• 1998 Seconded to Canada contributing to the development of Virtue’s Project `Educators Guide’ (2000) described by the UN as a “model global program for families of all cultures” and “the bridge between cultures.” by the Dalai Lama
• 2008- At Kehelland School established a character curriculum based on virtues recognized by  the Jubilee Centre for Character Education/Virtues as “incredible example” for other schools.
• 2011 Parental workshops on character provided in school and local area
• 2012 Character education blog and resources website started –
• 2013 Delivered staff training on character education to Nishkam -a Sikh multi faith school in Birmingham.
• 2013 Elected to Virtues Project International Association Board to share expertise on the UK curriculum
• 2014 Awarded contract to write UK `Primary Character Curriculum` for Birmingham University – detailed character lessons for EYFS, KS1 & 2
• 2015 consulted by Floreat, who are founding London character schools

Your work is terrific – and so badly needed. I’m deeply cheered by what you are doing, knowing that in a corner of Cornwall, education is proceeding as it should. How lucky your pupils are.  With very good wishes, Alain De Botton  


8 thoughts on “About Geoff

  1. Today i was lucky enough to meet the man who i read about in the West Britain. After he showed me around the school and what he is doing for our children we can all sleep easier thats for sure. But i don’t think he will, not until ALL schools are following his example and standards. And we will do him and our self a dissevice if we do not support him in every and any way we can.

    Well done Geoff i’m only playing at it.



    1. Thanks Don I very much enjoyed meeting you and I`m very impressed with your children’s stories which you have designed to teach young children the virtues. I intend to use some of them in assemblies very soon. All the best!


  2. Hi Geoff, do you know of any work being done around character education in FE colleges? I am an Achievement Coach in an FE college and very interested in how this might benefit young people.


    1. Hi Kirsty
      Yes I am aware of US based work and I would be happy to help you – let me know what you are looking for- your direction etc in the meantime try the Virtues Project the main website in the US and look under the menus for education
      Also the key principle is to look at the 5 strategies ,just search for the 5 strategies of the virtues project on line send me an email and I can send you some resources


  3. I am so happy to see another VP Master Facilitator making meaningful inroads with the 5 strategies – joyfulness, creativity, restorative justice, kindness and self development too …. may the vision of Linda, Dan and John flourish.


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