Whilst walking through Birmingham with a group of school children we came across a plaque in the pavement honouring guitarist Tony Iommi one of the founders of Heavy Rock.  At the age of 17 Tony had a terrible accident on his last day of work in a sheet metal factory losing the tips of two fingers. Tony’s boss encouraged him not to give up by introducing him to the music of Django Reinhardt, a virtuoso guitarist with an injured fretting hand.

After an unsuccessful attempt to fret the guitar with his other hand Tony must have called on the virtues of determination, perseverance and creativity- he ingeniously melted soap bottles into a ball with a soldering iron, and then pushed his fingers in while the plastic was soft enough to be shaped. Cutting and sanding away the excess plastic left two shaped finger covers which Tony then covered with leather, to provide a better grip. Later on he strung his guitars with extra-light banjo strings, down-tuned to ease playing and string bending. Eventually Tony became and one of the most influential guitarists on the planet and his band Black Sabbath continue to provide the inspiration for modern day bands such as The Foo Fighters and Soundgarden.
So, whether your eyes are focussed on the stars or on the street -you can find people who have called on the inspirational power of virtue everywhere!